Crank Removal, Puller

I’ve searched and searched and learned as much as I can, but there’s just one thing I can’t find.

How do I know if I need to use an ISIS crank puller or a square-tapered one? I can’t even tell the difference between pictures of the two :frowning:

And if you have links to any good ones that accommodate both ISIS and square, it would be appreciated. All the links in the old threads are dead.

The crank puller I use removes both types of cranks; isis and tapered. It comes with a round, removable disc that’s used for the isis, and you remove it for use on square tapers.

Here’s one:

And one more:

(The one on UDC US is made for isis only, although it looks just like mine, which works for both.)

Okay. But I’ve heard of the wrong kind of puller damaging the crank. How do I know which one to use on the first go?

And how do I use the one you posted, do I have to have my own wrench or something?

Yes, the first one requires a separate wrench to turn it, the second one is what I use and prefer. They are very easy and straight forward to use. Just take your time to carefully thread the puller to your cranks, and make sure they are screwed into your cranks at least 3 complete turns so the puller will not “pop out” while removing the cranks! This could damage the crank threads. I could make a short crank removal tutorial video for both isis and square if you prefer, but it’s pretty easy with that tool.

Thank you very much! I already ordered the second one you posted.

If you have ISIS cranks you will want to use the large button attachment.

I have a handled tool with an extra button, for both types

I think you can damage ISIS bolt threads by screwing the smaller (square taper)
thing onto the larger bolt hole of the ISIS. I have heard you can use a cotterless puller on an ISIS hub by putting a few dimes under the puller bolt.

An advantage of the “no handle” pullers is you can pull the cranks with a ratchet wrench and leave the pedals on. With my handled puller, I must pull the pedals to get the cranks off.

So if you are tight on $, I would recommend the cheap no handle cotterless puller, and don’t forget to spend a dime or 2 if you use it to pull an ISIS.

I have that exact pedro tool

The build quality is good, and it works fine. Still, I would get the 11 $ no handle thing in cotterless, if I was buying now. Look at the picture. The ISIS adapter part is the same as the cottlerless, with 2 dimes under it.

It’s not that the pedro tool is bad, it’s that I have a toolbox with a ratchet in it, so the 11 $ one is better. Removing pedals just so the handle of the non ratcheting pedro tool can spin around, is a disadvantage.

I would not recommend using dimes, or anything other than the adapter(s) that comes with the handled tool! The dimes WILL “cup” and likely get stuck inside the crank threads, so don’t do that!

And whenever I change crank size-that’s usually why you remove them in the first place-you have to remove the pedals anyway in order to transfer them to the other cranks. I still suggest the one with the handle as it’s all in one piece, and easier to use. :slight_smile:

I’m using and ISIS crankpuller for both ISIS and Square tapered hub. I didn’t had any problems yet with the square taper hub. The only different thing on the 2 extractors is the big “Button” on the ISIS one.

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Whichever way you go it’s worth spending a little extra and getting a better quality crank removal tool. Some of the cheaper ones out there are rubbish.

I’ve had the Park one for a while, good so far:

Using dimes

I haven’t actually tried the dime thing myself. I have the darn long handled Pedro tool LOL. Maybe the dimes might cup, but as in all things mechanical and stuck, a little judgment, maybe a hammer etc. is called for. My cranks have always popped off pretty easy.

I agree with ^ who said the wide tipped ISIS puller bolt tip will fit and work on the cotterless. If that’s true (haven’t tried it) , it would seem like getting the 11 $ ISIS puller is the way to go. What is the point of a cotterless puller if an ISIS puller will fit both ? :thinking:

Having to pull the pedals in order to pull the cranks could be an extra hassle for some people, like if you use twisted pc’s in all your cranks, it is an extra hassle to pull the pedals. Both the Pedro handled thing, and the smaller 11 $ Park tool are well made. I looks like the cheaper handle-free ISIS model is a bit handier, it’s what I would buy if I was buying now.