crank problems and commuting

hey all…

i have just ridden home from work (monday and tuesday) the ride takes me an hour and 10 mins on my muni, im pretty knackered, however my cranks seem to be out of line i think i can feel the left one moving backwards and forwards as i ride i got home took them off and everything seemd to be fine so i put them back on and tightend them and the were fine until today the left one is giving me the same feeling again? and help?

Get a torque wrench. Grease the crank tapers. Tighten the crank nut to 40 foot-pounds. That will make sure it’s tight. The torque wrench eliminates any guess work. As long as the crank tapers haven’t already been damaged, you’ll be good.

See this thread for more info.

If you don’t have or don’t want to get a torque wrench then have your local bike shop torque the crank nut for you. If you’re not using a torque wrench it’s all just guess work and you may not be getting the nut tight enough or you over compensate and get it too tight possibly damaging the hub.

and definitly don’t ride it while the cranks loose, it can destroy the hub; make sure you take a socket wrench on rides to keep it tight until you’ve done what’s necessary to get it sorted.