Crank / Pedal Suggestions

Hey guys, I need to get some new cranks and pedals for my uni. I have a 20" Nimbus trials. I ride trials, but nothing too insane biggest drop I do is about 4’ so nothing insane. But I would love to hear some suggestions on what cranks and what pedals i should get. My budget is somewhere around $100. Just a quick look at and it looks like the Nimbus comes stock with the Qu-Ax Lightweight ISIS Cranks. Should i just replace those, or get the KH Moments since i have to get new ones anyways? I’m also open to any other suggestions (for cranks and pedals).

either get a set of moments or some other kind of ISIS cranks, if you want light but still as strong get some onza tensiles, they’ll be my next cranks.

I reccomend the KH Moments. Havn’t let me down yet ;D.

As for the pedals, I like the Oddessy twisted PCs. I ride street, so i’m not familiar with how they are for trials, but they are pretty grippy. I dont think they’d be top pick for trials riding though, but if you aren’t sure after a few more responses, they are certainly something you should try out if you have the money.

Hope I helped!

Do you wear leg protection ?

I have bought a variety of pedals. It’s super hot in Florida, so I don’t wear leg protection usually.

This leads to a preference lately for plastic pedals. I have some nice pinned pedals and they are great. I was ripped by the pins a few times and it was no big deal. In the sense that I didn’t need stitches and it didn’t hurt all that much or leave a scar.

Still, plastic pedals like twisted pc are cheap, really light, and the grips not so bad. I really do like how they only rip the very top layer of skin off my leg. This leaves a shallow scab that heals in a week.

This is the real reason I use plastic pedals now. I ride shorts with no armor.

If you wear armor and really want medal pins, there are a lot of good pedals. It’s a trade off of lightness-toughness-cost.

I think heavy, cheap pedals like snafu or JC are popular because they came stock on some KH’s, and they are cheap and take a beating.

You can chop a lot of weight off using a mag pedal, like a DMR v12

The oddesy twisted pc is so light and cheap, you should try it.

AEB has the best web prices including shipping IMHO. I have bought a lot of stuff there. If someone else can provide a link to a better deal, I would like to know !