crank/pedal grabs, awkward footing

okay ive just now thought about learning pedal/crank grabs but im stumped :thinking:

does anybody have a video of a crank grab? ive found one of a pedal grab but nothing on a crank grab.
Also im confused about my footing, i hop left foot forward and when doing ups i hop to the right, this leaves me with weird foot placement for pedal grabs, any ideas anyone?

Go for it. That’s how i learned crank- and pedalgrabs.

so you just landed on the ledge with your right foot back?

Nope, front foot. But I don’t see how doing it backfoot will make it harder? :slight_smile:

Front foot/back foot there’s no difference. Some say front foot’s easier but thats personal opinions.

i suppose ill keep trying, i didnt realise people can do them backfooted :stuck_out_tongue:

No, in fact most pro trial riders ride backfoot. Are you just trying to crankgrab or are you trying to go to rubber aswell.

going to rubber :o

Joe Hodges goes to his back foot, Max Schulze to his front.

Its yours to decide what you want :wink:

I made a crank/pedalgrab tutorial… but it is in dutch…:stuck_out_tongue:
but just look a bit to the video’s and it may help you :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks, those videos helped a lot :slight_smile: