Crank lengths and seat height question

When ever I change my crank length I adjust my seat so as to have my leg slightly bent at the bottom of my stroke. After my first ride on my new Qu ax 145s on my 29" I was noticeably lower to the ground vs the 114 and 125s I’m familiar riding with. I have read lots on pros and cons and opinions about crank lengths in forums. I’m wondering if the lower center of gravity from longer cranks is significant and if learning to ride with a lower seat is helpful for balance assuming my legs can handle it. Thanks for any comments.

145s and 165s are good to learn with. Easier to control, easier to make corrections, easier to jump off. How low is low? You dont want it way too low where it can hurt your knees. I practiced with a moderate amount of bend and it was ok.
Just play around with the height and eventually youll know what feels right.:slight_smile:

Thanks for replying,
After a few more hours riding with the 145s I’m going to put the shorter cranks back on.

Yes and no. I think it’s definitely easier to learn with longer cranks. In particular mounting is way easier, as is turning, braking, slow-speed maneuvers, etc.

Beyond mounting and slow-speed handling, for road riding I don’t think it makes much difference.

But for off-road the lower center of gravity does seem to have advantages: shorter distance to fall!! also lower head for tree branch clearnace (the hardest thing abut riding my 36 with 125s off-road is the tree branches).

But to directly answer your question if it’s easier to balance with a lower center of gravity b/c of longer cranks: I don’t think so.

I can’t imagine 145s making any problems for your legs (as you said, you’re setting the seat height appropriately, so it’s no extra strain on the legs, actually less as the force/lever is lower, so i.e. braking and steep uphills are actually easier on the legs).