Crank length

what crank length is best for muni, I’m running 125mm but am getting an isis hub with 152mm cranks. ive ridden 152mm cranks before and they sometimes hit the ground when I turn sharp and really lean into it. I ride a 24in unicycle. what length should I run?

Like pretty much every setup question, it’s impossible to answer this universally, since so many factors come into play. Your riding style, the trails you ride etc… You really just have to try it. I’ve personally ended up with 125mm on my 26".
Anything between 110mm to 150mm can be a reasonable crank length I think. 150mm if you prefer feeling in control, but can live with having to work harder to go fast. 110 if you really like going fast easily, but willing to sacrifice a good amount of control.
With long cranks, you can slowly lever yourself over roots/rocks/bumps, with shorter cranks, you may have to carry a bit more speed to get over the same things. So with shorter cranks, I find that I have to carry more speed in rough sections, and also on uphills. For that reason, I tend to recommend starting long, and then going shorter as your skill increases.
I haven’t ridden 24" in a while, but 140mm is probably the longest I would go, at least if you are running a brake.

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This handy chart gives a great comparison of crank lengths


thank you that is very helpful!

The best crank length is the length you can comfortably free mount, start, stop, turn, and idle on in the conditions you plan to ride in. The most important word in the previous sentence is “you” which is why it appears twice.

My personal choice for Muni on a 24 is 150 mm. I find 170s unwieldy, and 125s don’t give me enough torque to control descents.

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