Crank, hub question

If my cranks keep getting stripped on my 20’’ lx would it be because of the crappy hub or cranks…or both.

Well if the hub itself isn’t stripped then it must be the cranks - otherwise its probably both. The torker LX isn’t designed for heavy abuse so instead of continually replacing the cranks you may considering upgading to an ISIS hub.

If you keep stripping the thread out of the pedal end of the crank then it is 99.9% likely you have got the wheel the wrong way round in the frame (ie the right hand crank on the left side and the left hand crank on the right side) and every time you ride the pedals come loose and strip the thread out the cranks.


Are you positive that you’re putting the left petal on the left crank and the right on the right?

They’re threaded differently. You should be able to thread the pedal on at least a couple rotations before you start wrenching.

The right pedal goes on normally (righty tighty, lefty=loosey. The left pedal goes on the opposite way.

Yeah I’m positive. I’ve had it for a long time. When I first got it, it was assembled wrong and everything was backwards and they got stripped from jumping up and down curbs. Then before I got my dx I was jumping down 5/6 stairs w/ it when it was on right and it got stripped again. I’m gonna completely pimp out my lx pretty much just for fun and to learn how since I’m working in a bike shop now, so I want to put a nice bmx rim on and stuff. So would isis hub/cranks fit on my lx? If so, a link to what I could get or something would be very helpfull.

ISIS hubs use 42mm bearings, the LX frame is made for 40mm so it wouldn’t work.


get a nimbus 2 frame as a replacement, strong, light, cheap, and has 42mm bearings. 42 bucks for a sweet frame ain’t much!

by then my lx will be gone but the seat, spokes, and seat post lol
I know it isn’t the best or anything, but would splined hub/cranks fit?