Crank Help

Ok so I just recently started grinding, but I noticed that my cranks might not be the best for grinds. I only bring this up because there sort of angled, its hard to explain but there not flat on the edges so it kind of throws me off if I don’t land just perfect.

Aaah its hard to explain unless you’ve seen the cranks so here you go. They work pretty well when I do grind, its just I’m sure theres better cranks out there for grinding. And if not I guess I’m just being a wuss bag.

If anyone has any advise please post it. I used the search function but could find nothing on the subject. I’m sure theres a thread out there similiar to this but I couldn’t find it.

If somone could please tell me the best cranks for grinding I would appreciate it. BTW, I have a K1 with ISIS hub.

i cant get on that site just brings me back to the homepage but for a koxx isis hub then the street cranks would probs be best (the 135mm).

Thats assuming you dont have them allready and using devil reinforced or light cranks.