Crank Grindlates

I recently got my new Summit. I was thinking about all of the scratches and stuff that its going to get from grinding, especially on the cranks.

I used to be an aggressive skater before I became a Unier. So I was thinking why doesnt someone make a plastic attachment to go on the bottom of the crank for grinding? Then you wouldnt scratch up your cranks and when the plate wears out you could just replace it. You would only need two grindplates, one for your front and back (for 180 grinds) crank on the side you grind on. We could have metal plates for grinding spefically on metal and plastic for concrete, metal, etc.

I was wondering how you could attach the plate to the crank arm without compromising the structual integrity? I was thinking a sleeve type thingy might work. You would have a sleeve that fits over the crank arm like 661s, but how would you stop it from sliding? Or maybe if you had some kind of reinforced holes drilled into the crank that you attach the plate to like on skates? Would this compromise the crank?

I think KH or maybe Onza should look into this, it would be awesome if I could grind without scratching up my new shiny cranks. :smiley:

I don’t know why no one’s thought of this before. It would probably help greatly.
Good thinking, Onza or someone should definitely try this.

Don’t grind on the crank and use this:

edit: And about scratching your uni… GET OVER IT.

Scratches dont do much they just look cool. who wants a uni that looks like it was never ridden before…

Ride or Die


Me concur. My 24" had something like that on it’s cranks, but that’s cuz Monty cranks WILL be damaged and weakened by cement scratches. I have a totally scratched left crank on my Onza, and not the slightest bit of regret. I also agree with Zach, get over it.

when i got my first scratch on my summit…

First i was like “aww…:(”

Now… i’m like “SWE-E-E-ET!”

You really want your street uni to look thug. Scratch that stuff up all over the place.

i dunno. I never used “thug” as an adjetive.

I dont care…

I know that it is going to get scratches, I dont care. I am only worried about weakining my cranks after continually grinding on cement or metal etc… I didnt mean this post to turn into a “stop your whining” Because thats not what I was saying. I meant the metal getting weakend by being ground down.


Don’t worry. Unless you decide a running bench gringer or angle grinder is a good grinding surface, you’ll be fine. Also, don’t grind on silicon carbide (no worrys, noone ever uses silicon crarbide for a building material, it’s the second hardest material known to humanity, after diamond). Seriously though, it doesn’t matter.