crank flips

I’m gunna try learn crank flips when my new uni gets here, but was wondering how do I flip them, is it with my front or back foot

It depends on which way you want the wheel to spin. Also, in case you didn’t know, most of the street/flatland community use this facebook page. You’ll probably get better answers there.

Champion, cheers mate. Wasn’t sure if one way would be easier to spin then the other

I’m pretty sure you want to start out spinning forward but I don’t know, given that I can’t do either way.

Flipping forward is referred to as a crankflip, as you mentioned, while flipping backward is called a back crankflip, or more commonly shortened to backflip.

Most people start with crankflips because they are more natural (riding forward, flipping forward), but it will depend of your preferences and eventually of your stronger leg. I learnt backflips first, and they still feel better for me.

I would suggest to just try both, see what feels better and start from there. Once you got one of the two, try the other one.

You might want to take a look at these great tutorials by Shaun, on how to crankflip : Crankflip Tutorial - YouTube & RbF Tutorials - Crankflips - YouTube