Crank flips

I’ve been trying to learn crank flips for a while now. I’m having a lot of trouble though flipping the cranks… Any advice?

When I hop my left pedal is in front and my right pedal is in the back…

Try here.

It has some different tutorials along with a crankflip tutorial.

Kelly Hickman.


I like the tutorial of relentless by fate :slight_smile:
so I don’t think my tutorial can help a lot more,
it doesn’t really explains how to flip it, but it gives some nice tips I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah when Shaun made the first crankflip tutorial, I was stumped for a long time on how to actually make the cranks flip haha. Its easy in theory and some people figure it out instantly, but I couldn’t haha. Wasn’t untill I tried footplants (not zero plants) that I figured out how to kick.

haha yeah! it took me also ages to master the flip :stuck_out_tongue: and my first year of crankflips they where the sketchiest ever xd

When I landed my first cranksflips, it was before I could convince my parents to buy me shin pads. So I used to wrap towels around my legs xD. Ahhhhh the old days :D. I wish 180 double, 360flip and fifthflip were still the hardest tricks :stuck_out_tongue: Things were so much simpler…