Crank extractor - park or udc?

Looking to buy my first crank extractor.
Heard lots recommend the park ones. What about the udc ones?

Currently got cotterless cranks, but might as well get universal as you never know what uni i’ll have in the future.

What’s best?

I used a generic puller (UDC style) for a many of years and did okay with it. I bought it because at the time Park tools were priced too high for my wallet. But once I started working at a LBS as a mechanic and had the chance to use Park tools I had to buy a some for myself. Park tools are well made and stand up to the daily use/abuse that of a shop environment brings. Now that the prices are closer together on many of the tools, I always choose the Park tools.


As an engineer as a former trade I do love a good tool but there is a time and a place for top draw stuff.

Park stuff is good but for a crank extractor that might be used a few times a year and is a simple relatively imprecise tool I would and have gone with the cheaper one.

For things like Spoke Keys, chain tools and Alan Keys etc where poor tolerances can damage components I would go for the premium brands every time.

I don’t know about you guys, but I use my crank tool at least every two weeks. I also have 7+ unicycles in my dorm room and am constantly trying new setups…

Whichever you get, you want a crank extractor with wrench flats rather than an integrated handle. The ones with the handle are designed for 170mm cranks, which means that for most unis, you have to remove the pedals to remove the cranks, which is a hassle.

This is the one that I use.

must be me fit and forget (with some loctite to boot) I hate lose cranks

Maybe I need more unis and parts :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that everyone.
I’ll check see what the prices are. If there’s a big difference, i’ll go for the udc one as it looks very similar.
If the prices are close, i’ll get the park one.
Cheers for the advice everyone.