Cranflippin(learning curve?)

Phew…Third thread tonight…

But back on subject. What are the steps towards learning crankflips? What should i learn first, then next, and so on? And how long after starting to practice could you do a basic crankflip?

Any tips would be super.


I’m going to say to use the search, theres alot talking about this already out there. But…

It took me an hour and half straight to get my first forward crankflip.

No footers might help to learn first just to get used to having your feet off the pedals, but crankflips are a totally different motion then no footers so dont get used to them. Half flips are another thing that might help, or not help you. Most people do them as more of a rolling no footer which makes it harder to switch to learn crankflips.

The best trick to learn would probably be a full rev, in my opinion.

As for learning the crankflip go to and watch the tutorial video me and spencer made on it (I’m pretty sure its under the street section)

Ask here or PM me or whatever if you have other questions.

Hope this helps.

Ok thansk alot.

i need help too … i can’t get it to spin right (having trouble kicking it) … and i can’t hop seat out good enough to do it any better like that

or should I learn gliding or leg around the seat thingys(brain fart)

I believe if you can hop then you can flip. It just takes practice.


I’m from cranberry country and to flip them you simply turn them over. It’s quite easy.

Lots of practice+ nutting it alot= new flip tricks

It is the formula I have used to learn most of mine;)

I’m at the end of my patience with flips, been practising for 30 mins just flips and I am consistently landing exactly the same way…not landing on the cranks.
I’ve spoken to Shaun, watched the vids, read the tips and still I can’t get it. No one can really give me any help, so here it is. Either I can spin the cranks all the way round and I land off the front of the uni, can’t see the cranks to land and I’m far too far forward to land anyway or I jump up and end up doing a no footer landing on the pedals or spin them 90 and it does SH*T all.
I’m in desperate need of some help here, any tips would be great, absolutely any, I’ve never been so frustrated with one trick!!!

Thanks in advance,


Haha just dont worry about it.

Heres how I learned…
Ride at a slow pace
When ready stop for a split second and lean over the uni.
Kick with your foot as you hop(more of a push).
Stay leaning over the uni as you hop, trying to hop up and not going for any distance.
Ummm I guess thats it lol. Stick with it…it will come to you.


how do you kick the same every time
i can’t control how hard I kick it