"crack" - felix dietze


found this on youtube, uploaded very recently. I thought it was so good taht everyone here might want to watch it too. Its pretty amazing seeing as it was filmed in one session, shame it was never fully finished.

Now that’s my kind of video!!!1!!one!

haha that was amazing.

i like how he threw and caught his uni - it looked awesome.

he did the same when he missed a few tricks at unicon standart skill :smiley:
The video is old, don’t you read the german forum?

no, we don’t all speak german

That was one sweet freestyle vid. Really a shame it was never made in full. Nice soundtrack too.

that was really good! Very Flowy. who is that guy, does anyone know him, does he post here?

His name is Felix.

That was awesome! One thing that seems to be lacking are good quality freestyle vids (By which I mean image quality, not riding quality).

I like crack… I think im addicted. lol

Very cool. Must learn to throw my unicycle around.


I was going to ask why you were searching for crack on youtube, but then I saw that the video wasn’t even tagged with ‘crack’, so I decided to just mention that I was thinking of asking it :roll_eyes:

Great video; too bad it was never finished…and too bad I don’t speak German…

I can speak a bit of german!:slight_smile:

that movie was awesome, I also wish there were more freestlye vids

That’s my kind of “freestyle”…

this freestyler guy definitly got style!

awesome song. thats living in chaos by the offspring

Man I gotta start listening to the sound on videos more often…

I really liked the one-footed unispin. Lots of cool freestyle in that viddy, great style… I wanna see more!

I love it it was awesome

That guy has got such a big face.

I saw him at GMTW the year I went and it’s even bigger in the flesh.