How many amateur (ham) radio people do we have out there?


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ask here

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c u there

I am trying to take the test but I still have to study a little more.

I have had my amateur extra license for a couple of years. I passed all the tests at the same time, but I have not really used it that much as I don’t have any good place to put up antennas, and I tend to be scared of talking on the radio.

Has anyone ever had a unicycle to unicycle contact? that would be interesting.


I passed my first level amateur radio test (no code), when I was around 12, and became VA2MJS. In the subsequent couple of years, I passed first 5 W.P.M. and then 12, in Morse Code.

Although I was very active for a number of years, the last 3 or so (since moving to Ontario, I haven’t set up my station) I’ve not been on the air. One of these days it’ll happen, as I loved it…


Add another one to the list.