Coyote29er vids

I’m gonna lump all my videos into one thread and just add to it as needed.

My latest is a beginner-level muni video – all in the snow. I fell so many times I felt like I was back where I started in September.

Renton snow-MUNI, Feb 2014

Renton MUNI, Nov 2013

Gasworks Park, Nov 2013

Duthie Hill, Dec 2013

Ravenna Park, Jan 2014

Fun videos! Look like you were doing great with the riding, I’m surprised you had such a hard time with the 36er, it’s unfortunate that you’re selling it off but everyone has their preference and it looks like you’re having great fun nonetheless.

Enjoyed the videos, thank you.

Thanks Nate! Yeah I’m learning a ton – love it. And no worries on the 36. I may work back up one of those again. But at least I rode it. I bought a giraffe when I first learned and sold it before I even tried the thing (right after a face-plant trying to mount my 29 – didn’t want to fall from any higher!).