couple of spoke/koxx questions

I have a Koxx one hub on its way from renegade and I am going to be needing some spokes to go with it when I build the wheel. Unfortunatly I cannot find the statistics on the Koxx one hub. I need to know what the spoke hole diameter, hub width, and hub diameter are. I have been told that the hub diameter is 60 mm so I guess I don’t need that.

Also I was wondering if there is any point, how hard it would be, and whether or not four cross would affect the performance of the wheel.

I ask this because I was thinking of getting some white primo forged spokes and the shortest length they seem to have are 182 mm long. If this is just too much work than it’s worth than I guess I won’t bother.

Thanks for any help.

mesure it when you get the hub and athe the rim

y not just have your lbs bilud the wheel?

someone needs to write the book “Zen and the art of unicycle maintenance” so that you can read it, it tells you why he shouldn’t take it to the lbs.

alternatively you can take the book “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” and apply it in context to unicycle maintanence.

these are the sort of things that you should do at home (at least for the build if not for the trueing)

sorry, but i have no information to add regarding the koxx hub, other than its mean (i want one :wink: )


Just call Renegade and ask them for the hub dimensions and what spoke lengths you will need to use. (You willl ned to tell them what size rim you plan to use though)


Because taking it to a LBS is needlessly expensive, I can build a wheel and I can true a wheel with both 2 and three cross, that part isn’t hard at all if you have the right tools (and even if you don’t its not crazy hard).

Unfortunatly I know little about it other than how to do it.

Here is the information on the koxx hub: