couple days in munis paradise

we are 5 days in engadin, switzerland. today we did two rides with 600altimeters and 3500 :astonished: downhill.
pics (a lot)

Wow what great photos! Looks like a fantastic place to ride. <Wishing I was back in Switzerland…>

Thank You!

Thank you for these great pics!

hi turtle,
your pictures are always fantastic, i must find some time to come ride with you once.
pls let me know when the 24hour race in davos is and i’lltry to put a team together.

I too enjoyed the pictures. Looks like it was an epic event!



three pics from today:

Wow those photos are amazing. I am so jealous!

And the last photo you just posted with the tire grab is epic. The people on the train must be in awe.

this train goes up to 2250meters asl :astonished: from there you can ride singletracks down to 400meters asl :D:D:D

Thanks for sharing your photos

Wow, you have some fantastic photos! I know where I will be spending all my work breaks this week!

they are amazing pictures!

from yesterday and today the pics
today we did a long and steep uphill: 1100vertical meters but it was really worth it…:smiley:

Man, I wish I lived in an area like that :astonished: ! As always, amazing pictures, turtle. That’s what real mountain unicycling is about! Maybe I can join you guys some time… I’ve been skiing and hiking in Engadin a couple of years ago, but unicycling seems to be really awesome there.


I WISH I WAS THERE!!! nice photos.

already the last day :frowning: two more downhill-rides, this time only a few Pics