cotterless cranks

if anyone has any cotterless cranks (125 to 102mm) that you dont use and are just lying around, id love to have them.

thank you,

you ain’t getting nothing if there ain’t no money involved! :wink:

Well, with most people

If I had an extra pair I’d give them to Miles; he’s a cool dude plus it was just his b-day! Yo Miles those magura mounting brackets are on the way!:slight_smile:

i had a pair set aside him way back when but they vanished sometime about when I moved into my new apartment. It was a set of black 125’s and silver 110’s.

maybe I’ll run across them some day.

cool. send me a message if you ever find them.

haha i have some kinda rough ones. they were on my old 16" uni…I dont think they are bent but the one crank where the pedal goes in is striped. you could maybe get someone to re strip em.

no thanks

ok just wondering

Hmm…usually people throw them away after they’ve been stripped once…what would somebody do with a pedal that’s been stripped twice??

And furthermore, how do you re-strip them? Put in a bigger bolt strip it too?

I’m just kidding…you mean “tapped”

I diden’t know he was a nice guy and all the rest lol