Cotterless cranks with high Q factor?

All I can find are zero or near-zero Q factor square taper / cotterless cranks. I’m looking for some with a Q factor similar to KH cranks at 114mm or 125mm at the longest. Any suggestions? Couldn’t find much in older threads.

Coker, Schlumpf, and Prowheel cranks all have offset. The Coker ones are only available in the 125 or 150 size. I’m not sure if the Prowheel cranks are available anymore, but you might call UDC and see if they have any banging around in the warehouse.

Thank you! I’ll check those out.

I remember buying a pair of high Quality cotterless cranks at Compulsion Cycles but they were 102mm long and maybe no name. You can give them a call.

You can give a try on ebay and get lucky with a Chinese seller :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I’ll email them.

Do you guys know if Echo makes any? I saw on some threads in 2006 that Echo made high-Q factor cranks, but they were all long, so idk if I’ll have any luck with the shorter size. I also don’t know what to look for in a bike crank description to see if they would work on a unicycle.

I found a pair on a bike that had a pretty high Q factor, but they are like 180mm so a tad long, so I’m going back to 0 Q factor pair of 150s from UDC. If you look around on bicycles you may find something good.

I don’t think Echo makes anything short enough for what you want.

When looking at bike cranks:

  1. Most square taper cranks will work on a uni. J.I.S. is the Japan taper standard that unicycles use. Unless you get track cranks, or european ones it will be JIS.
  2. Look for cranks that have an easily removable front chainwheel. This usually means pressed on, or swaged. Some mini-bmx cranks have bolt on spiders which make it very easy to remove (plus they will usually be higher quality).
  3. Mini-BMX cranksets can be an option. If you go this route look for right cranks that don’t have an integrated spider, unless having the spider arms on there doesn’t bother you (or you feel like sawing them off). For what it’s worth the short Sinz cranks were made for mini-BMX’s, and they have the integrated spider.

That’s true, I forgot Sinz cranks are also available in cotterless. And they have all the size from 115 to 180mm by steps of 5mm (e.g.

Can fit a mountainuni disk or you can dremel the spider :smiley:

Harvy’s Bike Shop

You might try Harvy’s Bike shop. Call or email. Harvy has lots of old new stock unicycle parts.

At one time he had a complete supply of everything UDC sold. He also likes to haggle. Gets disappointed when you accept his first price. This is a european style tiny shop with more bikes and unicycles than most think you might be able fit in.

If any of you are ever anywhere near Harvy’s it might be worth the stop just to be able to say “I’ve been to Harvy’s”. A little bit of unicycle history revolves around Harvy’s.

He will probably wonder why you think you need q-factor.