Cosy Estimate

I mentioned wanting to put together a freestyle uni in a past post… I’ve also been thinking of putting it together myself from scratch. I’m a total amateur at this and have pretty much no idea how its done. Can anyone give me a cost estimate in US dollars for something pretty simple ("20) and can anybody give me some advice on going about this? Who do I talk to?


If you want a sweet freestyle uni, before you think about making one talk to Adam (accordnsx) he has a sweet red freestyle uni he’s trying to sell. Its total quality.


I posted this in another thread, but here’s a hell of a deal if you want one.

20" Semcycle XL, powdercoated translucent red over chrome.
Red Miyata seat, 300mm high gloss powdercoated seatpost.
Chrome Sun Rhynolite, powdercoated translucent red.
36-spoke Suzue hub, powdercoated translucent red.
14ga Marwi spokes in black.
112mm Bicycle Euros, black, with indoor freestyle pedals.
Red Primo “The Wall.”

Pictures here;

wow. That is SWEET. How did you get the rim that color? What kind of pedals are those? They look like old style uni cranks but they look pretty new! I don’t think I could buy it off you at the moment but… what are you looking for when it comes down to a trade? I have an old Schwinn giraffe w/ an air seat ( a small amount of rust damage on the rim, its old)… I also may have a trials uni to trade, but thats got a LOT of wear on it.

if you want to see the giraffe:
Look under “Our Rides” or something like that and find the giraffe. Thats the one I’m talking about. I really KNOW its not a worthy trade but maybe if I threw some money on top you’d be willing?

Just thinking not buying.

If I’m not mistaken I got the pedals from, these.

The rim, hub, and frame were all done in a 2-stage powdercoat by a friend of mine. First the parts are covered in a powder called “almost chrome” followed up by a light coat of translucent red.

As far as trades go, I’m looking for a bulletproof trials or MUni to ride. Something with a splined hub, nice cranks, and a good wheel. I’ve got a carbon-fiber air Miyata laying around the house, so seatless is ok.

to bad… oh well! If I ever come up with the money I’ll check you about it. Good luck on selling it!