Coolest BC Wheel Ever

I just finished my BC, I put a bar over the top like that one guy did, for leg protection and grabbing. I put grip tape on the plates because the aluminium is so slippery. I also put the bar across the top for jumping. It’s really hard but I’m starting to get the hang of it.



sorry but not the coolest bc ever. pretty sure spencers are cooler. with just the one bar across the top it seems like your leg would still be able to hit.



yeah umm no not the coolest BC wheel ever, not close sorry champ

for being homemade(it looks it…its it? :thinking: ) the frame is kinda cool. but that wheel is shot… i’ve seen nicer…but its pretty neat. i dont know anything about riding b/c:( but i’d like to learn:D

wow that made my day. Is there one for spelling ‘‘separately’’ right? Rather than… seperately… and the variations?!

Yeah it’s homemade.

You should check out Evan Byrne’s muni BC wheel.

I would guess you guys havent bc wheeled before? You need to be able to rub, otherwise you will fall so often and so many tricks would be harder than they already are if you couldnt rub, its used for turning, fakie, slowing, balance.

I like it actually, it’s a out of the box type style which makes it different and unique. So good work there austingillespie. :smiley: :smiley:

Keep it up. :smiley:

Thanks, someone who finally respects a modern work of art.

is it supposed to be aesthetically pleasing or functional? IMHO it’s pretty freaking ugly and it looks too dangerous to be functional.

edit: and even though evan didn’t really use it, his mountain BC wheel was the coolest BC ever.

I think it’s more avant garde, and people don’t like it because they can’t understand it

I’m sorry but it looks like a death machine to me.


Plus that rocket-BC that was much cooler.