Cool Uni pic.

Just thought i’d share this with you guys and see what you think. I thought it was pretty cool. My girlfriend took the picture of my riding partner riding a 6" wide 4’ tall concrete walkway railing. The line was really great, the walkway wrapped around on a slow decent toward the gymnasium, making a gradual 180 degree turn. The complete distance was around 150 ft. or so. We however were sadly only able to do shorter sections of it.

The original picture was really great but I thought it looked even better with this little filter. Hope you enjoy.


Wow, that looks great! How many steps were involved in editing it?


haha…just one…a plaster filter. even the colors were the default setting. I can’t take any credit…Didn’t take the picture, didn’t doctor it, just ran a filter on it and liked what I saw.


reminds me of a stamp

Can you post the original picture too?
I´m not a fan of fancy filters.

I liked the pic also, and did a little work with it. What do you guys think? If the unknown rider would like a sticker, feel free to post the color and size, and I will be more that happy to drop one in the mail. I will attach a couple of pics for you guys…:smiley:

here is another pic…

wellll, I’m not the unknown rider, but I want a sticker! that’s sweet!

last one, I promise. Sorry, its dark right now, but wanted to upload the pics…:smiley:

how do you make your stickers? I’d really like to get into doing that.

making stickers is alot of fun, but also alot of work. Getting the equipment is pretty costly, and learning the software, and design and layout takes quite a while. If you are really interested, PM me and we can chat!

If anyone is interested in stickers, I can make just about anything, any size, color, shape etc. I am always looking for new ideas.

WANT to see the original pic (!!!) :angry: :angry:

We got a vinyl cutting machine at school my senior year. Boy, did I have fun with that. :smiley: I even made a t-shirt using iron-on transfer vinyl.

The pic is awsome and the stickers are cool they deserve a dancing spiderman

dancing spiderman.gif


I like what you did with the picture. And YES we’d like to get some stickers if possible. The rider in the picture is my friend/roommate mark. I’d have responded earlier, but its only so often that I have time to sit down and catch up on this forum. I must say that i was surprised to see my picture on the back of your truck, but it makes me proud.

Below is a copy of the original picture, nothing terribly special about it other than the fact that it was taken by a skilled photographer (my girlfriend Laura). Hope you guys enjoy, and thanks so much for the input.

I think my friends and I are the worst people at photographically journaling our riding. Either the camera’s aren’t charged up or we leave them in the car in our excitement to go ride. I’ll put any other good pictures up that we’re able to get.

Oh, and I’ll email you an address if you’re truly willing to hook us up with a sticker or two.


SHoot me an email, and I will drop a few in the mail today…