cool uni people, and random rants

i wish someone could uni good like amanda gallacher and lived near me that was like one of you people on the forums cause the only people that live near me are kinda boring and dont know the extremes, like just reading y’alls sig lines the people on these forums are cool, and have cool hobbies, besides the boring jock/prep standards but anyways im stuck checking the forums 50 million times a day and wishing i had a uni friend, maybe this belongs in jc i dont know it is just a really long sentance rabling on about how my town is a kinda boring town for people that unicycle, except that dude downtown on the coker he looks unique and he has a coker, i wonder where he got it from, cause it doesnt have udc sticker on it, so maybe ill go down to the beach again sometime before the could winter and see if he is there and maybe if i could buy his coker from him or something or maybe trade him like a b*ke for it or something, but he seems to like his coker so probably not, and my mom probably wouldn’t like me to trade my bike for a coker, but o well i guess i wont, i wish i had a coker do any of you cool uni people want to give me one?

Maybe if you posted your location people would be able to find you. You wouldn’t believe how many people I now know live close to me, but never knew it because their location was vague, not posted, or incorrect.

like me!

i live only an hour’s drive from Catboy here, and maybe a 3 hour coker ride? maybe longer… i dunno…

K-Mart called, dear. They’re having a Blue Light Special on periods. You may want to consider stocking up on some for that run-on sentence of yours. If you’re short on cash, perhaps they’ll take some of your excess commas in trade.

owch… i never thought grammar teachers could be so harsh…

Knowing the area fairly well (you’re somewhere near S. Haven, right?), I also know that you’re only 45 minutes or so from Kalamazoo (where I grew up) and there’s a rider there that I would hazard a guess is pretty great. TrialsUni is his forum name, he’s a student at WMU. You ought to get together. I get to Kalamazoo on a regular basis, but my skills are limited (I’m working on WW, can hop, 1-foot). I have a Coker…when you get yours (Christmas is just around the corner) we could hit the Kal-Haven trail. Is it true that they charge for access to that trail? That would suck.

gilby!! what happened to quick reply?
well yes it is three dollars to get in i believe, its not too terrible bad, how often do you go to kalamazoo, my hockey coach goes to western and rumor has it that there is an alright unicycle club there, and thank you for the advice i will look into it, where is the cheapest place to buy a coker? i have to save up money for europe next summer, where else are some good places to go unicycling at around this area?
o and you are much better then me, i can hope sif and seat in but other then that i can only go fowards, but i am alright at muniing even though i only have a cx

Congratulations. Seldom have I seen a run on sentence of such grand proportions. You win. If only the prize for run on sentences was a Coker. Don’t hold your breath on that guy wanting to trade his Coker. Most folks that have 'em keep 'em till they die, then they leave them in their will to a favorite grandchild. I’ve seen one or two of them show up on ebay in the last couple of years. They sold for almost the price of a new one from UDC.

It may be lonely in a small town. It can be lonely in a crowded room. Enjoy riding the uni, get out and about on it, and you may be surprised by how many people you meet who show a genuine interest.

Use your “profile” to give other forum users an idea of who and where you are.

Make it to a juggling/unicycling etc. convention near you. Do a Google search.

If you judge other people to be boring, you are closing the door to finding how interesting they might be.

Most people are boring in most places. In a big city, there are even more boring people.

Join a fencing club.

Oh, Miss Ayelery, even though I am way too old for grammar school, your antics have me longing to be back in the hard molded plastic seat.