I would really like some cookies. or a geared hub if you have one. I am looking for a geared hub. I would also like some cookies.

I will only buy a hub if it come with home made cookies. I’m willing to pay extra for the cookies.

Haha!! I loooove cookies too…Reckon i may have to make a batch now you’ve mentioned it.
I just finished making a batch of scottish tablet. I’m obsessed with it and probably won’t stop eating till i’m sick :astonished:

I am offering a complete geared unicycle in this forum. At 800 euros it is way cheaper than a new hub. Of course you can get the hub out and use it for whatever you want - and you would have a lot of spare parts that way. If we close the deal, I (or maybe my wife or daughter) will make you some cookies and we’ll throw them in for free.

Yes! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Is it ok if we make the deal on the 15th of next month when I get payd again. I’ll have enough money to pay for it by then. How much much would shipping cost?

I have no problem if we don’t make the deal yet, but as long as the deal isn’t closed, it’s open for anyone to take it. I have no experience in overseas shipping. I looked on the UPS Netherlands website and found that shipping would cost 481 USD. That’s a lot of money! So if you have a cheaper alternative, feel free to suggest.