Converting a coaster brake to fixed gear?

I have a rear wheel from a runt bike and I would like to convert it to a fixed gear to make a mini-giraffe. I have searched everywhere and can’t seem to find a solution. Is it possible to turn a coaster brake hub into a fixed gear (so that you can engage the wheel via chain in BOTH directions)? And if so, HOW?
Expert advice appreciated.

lots of J-B Weld

Someone mentioned that to me before…but HOW? Is there a certain position I should keep the hub in before I weld it or what?

You would be better off welding, or brazing the clutch to the hub shell.

For safety I don’t know if I would trust jb weld or any other epoxy in this capacity, but if you want to throw caution to the wind:

If you’ve never opened a coaster brake before they are pretty simple. There is a worm drive that pushes a cone when you pedal backwards. When you pedal forwards the worm drive engages a clutch that drives the hub shell. You want to put the epoxy on the worm drive threads, and the clutch cone. Once you have the epoxy in you would want to turn the cog forward to engage the clutch. Of course, clean everything first.

Welding would work well. My friend welded the cassettes of my b*ke to make myself a super ghetto fixie to go to school with. I’m pretty sure if you open your hub, and put lots of JB weld in it, it should work too.

Thanks guys! I actually just forced/wedged a lot of wood shoots in between the internal moving parts and the inside wall of the hub. It seems to work just fine as you can see in the video. Not sure how sturdy or how long it may last so I may just go out with the JB. Here’s my new giraffe. I need a name for it: