converted two more

im excited, i just converted my two freinds to unicycling.
they are both serious mtn. bikers and both race at a really competitive level.
my freind ty hopped right on and pretty much could ride immeadiatley. it was insane…today was tys 3rd day riding and he can already hop up and down the curb…that took me at least a week of riding.
tyler on the other hand, has trouble going a few revs. but he is learning fast and will get the hang of it by the end of the week.

im excited because they both just bought unis and they will be here friday.
i finnnnallly have freinds who are serious about it.
time to start a club :slight_smile:

oh, also i searched but wasnt able to find what i was looking for, if someone could direct me to that journal that the kid kept while he was learning i would really appreciate that so i could show it to tyler to maybe give him some better hints than i have given him on riding.

I have a co-worker with a 60 year old brother. I have another co-worker with an 11 year old daughter. The brother and daughter are both learning to ride. He has gone 300 feet, turned left and right, and is starting to freemount. She has ridden circles, off curbs, and freemounted. We are spreading like a disease.

Journal of a New Unicycler - Dudewithasock’s Unicycling Journal(if that’s what you’re looking for).

haha sweet…yea i turned my roommate into a unicyclist. He learned how to ride mine in the hall way of our dorm…then went and bought one lol

thanks ivan, thats what i was looking for.

its crazy how fast our sport is growing!

3 years ago when people saw me on a uni they would tell me they had never seen one before and didnt know what it was or anything.
now people see me and ask me if i know “that guy who rides on mountains”
or they will tell me they have seen other unicyclists around town and in the mountains and stuff. :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten 3 people here at work into riding in the past year. None of them has gotten very serious about it but they did buy unicycles and learn to freemount and ride fairly consistently. Sometimes we’ll all go out into the parking lot at lunch and ride around. One more guy I work with was asking a lot of questions about it the other night when we all went out for beers after work. Might have another one about to convert. Gave my first uni (a Torker 20" CX) to my stepson and he learned to ride really well in one day. Pissed me off and made me proud all at the same time.:stuck_out_tongue: One of my stepdaughter’s friends was over last summer and wanted to try my uni out. He clung for dear life to the side of the garage but sat there for a long time just trying to feel his balance. I loaned him ‘Defect’ and that hooked him. Last weekend we rode in a parade together. He’s riding better than me.