contra dancing? (fwd)

Hello fellow unicyclers, I got this message from a unicycle friend in the twin
cities. Enjoy.

  • Hi, pass this on to interested parties.
  • >From durward Wed Jun 30 14:14:31 1993
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  • From: “Durward McDonell” <durward>
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  • Subject: unicycling
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  • Occasionally unicyclists post to the bicycling group (I don’t
  • think they have a group of their own). I didn’t know if you’d
  • find this interesting, esp. as it’s in New Jersey, but here it
  • is.

  • Hello!
  • I am looking for unicyclists who would be interested in
  • getting together to form a unicycle contra dancing group.
  • Since I’m in central NJ shore area (Middletown, Red Bank, Long Branch,
  • Eatentown, etc) I’d like to find others who are in this area or are willing
  • to travel for a bit of fun.
  • If interested please reply to this account or send email to
  • If you know someone who MIGHT be interested please pass this on to them.
  • Rudy Vener

  • durward

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