Consolidation sale; BC wheel, trials uni, muni.

Hey all, it’s the 'Bibble once again. I haven’t been unicycling as much as i used to and i’m doing a lot of other things lately, doing the soon-to-be graduating college, and possible army enlistment. So long story short, i’m looking to consolidate and upgrade, down to one unicycle.

So without further ado i present my list of things for sale;

-BC Wheel, Hazard Hub and Kris Holm rim, with Evan Byrne plates, and some bolt plates i made to lock your feet in for jumps.

-20" Koxx 1 Trials, with the older style splined cranks

-24" Quax Muni, splined hub and Magura hydraulic rim brake.

I’ll put up pictures in a few minutes in the next post here.
As mentioned earlier this isn’t my “i’m getting out of unicycling” sale, as i don’t think i’d ever be able to really do that. Proceeds from this sale will be put towards either a 20 or 24" KH of some sort or another, if you guys happen to have or know of one, point me to it and i’ll take a look.

-Matt, AKA Bibble.

Pictures as promised:

Make an offer on these, as i’m slightly out of date with prices, worst I can say is no thanks. :slight_smile:

Trials and BC Still up for grabs, muni sold pending me getting home.

Make me offers!

Bump for the week/next few days. Muni is SPF.

BC and trials still up for grabs.

Make offers!

Qu-Ax Sold, everything else still available.

good to see you’re at least still riding a bit!

I’ll get what i can to you, ezy, but please talk business with me via PM’s, i get notified much faster.

For potential buyers, for what it’s worth i believe these are ISIS cranks but i’m not 100% sure, i’ll pull them in the next few days to know for certain.

Trials and BC are still available.
The hub on the trials is the ISIS K1 Reinforced, as are the cranks.

what r u hoping to get (money wise) for the trials uni . just wondering if ther are any major problems that i would needd to knw about if i bought it.