Nice video. Great skills.

The riding was good, but the music was horrible.

Sweet vid, the coast on that ledge was awsome!

I turned the sound off and pout my music on

thanks for the feedback. Should I re- edit the video?

Nah, I love the music.

Just know you cant please everyone, and a lot of people are very closed minded about music tastes.

nice vid.:slight_smile: it made me laugh when you were gliding and you were filming from the bridge and you didnt come out the other end:)

The music didn’t work for me either. Otherwis good :slight_smile:

No, just try it out on a few friends before posting your next one.

Good vid. I like the music…just not for a video. Otherwise, that’s a great song. I love that album.

Oh Thanks great idea.
And thanks everyone for the feedback. I appreciate it.

Great video. I love that song. Good choice. I liked the editing going with the music. not many do that nowadays. Your trials riding is getting way better. Not as many pre hops. In most cases, none. Very good. Well done Kevin. Loved it.

Also, don’t listen to anyone not appeciating the sick beatz, have whatever music you want and like, it’s your video after all.