congratulate me!!

HEY PEOPLE! i finally went shopping and i decided to get a kh 20" trials. first of all congratulate me. im so excited to finally move out of my “torker lx” stage. secondly should i make any changes to it besides the paint? i.e. are the cranks to long/short for trials? are the pedals crap? does the tire kick harder than a one legged ninja? and thirdly of all, does anyone know where i could get my frame repainted in anchorage alaska? im thinkin of goin with green but i need to find a place that will paint it first, can i get it painted at an automotive paint place or will i have to ship it somewhere to get it painted?

thanks for all your help guys and gals

peace out brown trout.

-scar head

First, Congratulations.
Second, where did you buy it?
Third… Try powder coating… it will be more durable than regular painting.

Depending on where you bought it they may be able to arrange powder coating before shipping it. You can also look for local shops in Anchorage, I would think that there would be at least one powder coater there, since I am sure there is a lot of wear and tear on stuff from the harsh weather conditions.

Expect to pay $25 to $35 for powdercoating if they are using left over powder from a previous job. This would include sand blasting the frame. Also be careful with the medium they use to do the blasting since it is an aluminum frame. Baking soda would be good, but I am sure that the powder coater would be familiar with the best medium. If you choose to go with a color they don’t have laying around(which could be several hundred choices if they are like my local powder coater) expect to pay over $70.

Congrats!!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the upgrade:D

well i got my new kh 20!! but… it came with two right sided cranks so i had to use one pedal from it and one from another uni. how about that

Try and get the crank replaced.The one crank will always cause the pedal to loosen.

Two right cranks? Where’d you buy it,

Why change anything if you want to do trials?.. Its already set up for… trials…

Congratulations too, you made a good choice.