congrats to jerrick

jerrick just bought a new uni he said itll be here in about a week so ya

koooool he got a '06 20" torker dx trails unicycle:D

If it’s for trails, why’d he get a 20"…? 24" is better for muni.

dude that was the dumbest response ever u said 24" is good or muni

he bought a trails

people say trails is good with a 20" so u have more control

Ok…perhaps you meant trials? If you did, I apologize. I thought you meant trails, as in a muni trail, an offroad trail.

There is a difference in “trails” and “trials”

You put on the first post that i got a trails, which pretty much means a Muni, and if that was true, i would of gotten the 24-inch =p

But im getting a trials, so i got the 20-inch, and i cant wait for it to get here!

ok im sorry then lol 2 letters messed up lol

S’all good, dragonking. Shit happens.

Congrats, Jerrick! Hope you have fun bouncing around! :slight_smile:

Thanks =p im gonna make a video of me riding around on it once i get better, its gonna be soo fun :sunglasses:

jerrick one problem u dont have a camera nor do i…

but i know people that do, so im gonna have them record me, then ill upload it on here and let ppl watch in awe at my amazing beginners trials skillz! lol