Comparing these QU AX Muni's

A new vs an older QU AX 24" Muni with disc brakes. How do they compare to each other and even other brands. this is part of an email I received. I see that the older one is 48 spokes, new 36 spokes with Q Axle. I do not really understand the differences. I was interested in the older one due to the lower price. Any huge differences or red flags etc.? Anything vastly superior or inferior?

This is the newer model QU7527

light disc-braked unicycle with the Q-Axle-system, durable, light, rigid – an excellent choice for technical downhill.

· Q-Axle-Disc hub, 36 holes 24 mm holow-axle, red

· light QU-AX Q-Axle dualhole-cranks 125 / 145 mm, ti-grey anodized

· QX Eleven saddle, designed by Kris Holm

· QX-series aluminum double-clamp

· QU-AX double-walled rim, aluminum, 36-holes

· Duro Wildlife Muni-tire, 75-507 (24″x3,0″)

· QX-series [lucent] pedals

· aluminum Flatcrown frame, anodized in black

· aluminum seatpost with reinforcement gusset, Ø 25,4 mm

· Shimano-discbrake, 160 mm QX-series rotor

This is the older one QU7515

QX-series Disc-hub, alloy-axle, hollow-drilled, M15 screws
QX-series 160 mm rotor
QU-AX 6061er alloy cranks “one”, 145 mm
QX-series [luna] pedals
QX-series disc-frame with postmount-socket and gauge-guide
QX-series [twice] seatpost clamp
QU-AX alloy seatpost, black, gusset
QU-AX muni-saddle with white bumpers
24"x3.0" Duro Wildlife-tyre
QU-AX DB 24X-Disc-rim, black, 48 holes
Brake-lever-mount for saddle
Shimano BL-M-445 brake

Isn’t it obvious? The QU7527 is 12 better than the QU7515!

The QuAxle interface is still relatively new. I’d rather have someone else be the guinea pig for that technology. ISIS has some issues, but people don’t seem to mind it after all these years.

I wonder what QU AX means?

There is a good deal available on the 24" QU AX Muni, so I was wondering if it might be worth purchasing as it is half the cost of the KH, or if it is also half the machine the KH is.

Not too keen on the disk if it is a sawtooth.

Right. But there have been many two-wheeled guinea pigs for this technology as it is an approved technology from the bike world …

They are both excellent unicycles/machines. Whichever you go for you will be happy with. Apart from one being the latest model (different crank interface, dual hole cranks, 36 spokes etc…) they are not that different (same wheel size, tyre and both have excellent parts/components). If you are just starting to unicycle (not sure if that is the case) I would go for the cheapest without thinking it twice.

I am a fat out of shape slow learning beginner. I need a lot of recovery time and can only practice infrequently until I get lighter and more stamina. Jelly Legs.

My original plan was to learn the basics on the trials unit, and then go for a well built Muni. When I started I flattened the 19" trials tire with the rim hitting the ground. I had to remove the trials tire to get a 20" wheel set with a high PSI bmx tire.

Since then I have lost a bunch of weight, and picked up a used beat up KH trials uni. Now that I am under 300 lb I no longer flatten the 19" tire. I still require a big balloon tire, as on conventional learner unicycles, I still flatten the tires and hit the rim. So will be going for a Muni.

I can get a brand new QU AX 24" for half the cost of a new KH, but no telling if that deal will be around for very long or not. So I want to make sure I would be as happy with it as the KH, or Oracle, or other high end Muni.

Especially as a beginner, you won’t notice the difference between a Nimbus, Qu-AX a KH or a mad4one, unless you are picking it up and carrying it. I’ve unicycled for 15 years now, and if you (hypothetically) blindfolded me and sat me on different 24" unis, I would have to try hard to feel the difference by riding it. Unicycles are simple, there is not much companies can do differently with them.

This year I have bought several unicycles, among them a beat up but current KH Trials. I have also had the older Norco Kris Holm signature series, and another old Trials unicycle. I still have an old barely used 24" Steel chrome framed UDC with a high PSI tire and upgraded seat. I had a couple of other 20" units.

The Blue KH Trials feels completely different to me, as in immensely better. After acquiring it, I have been getting rid of the rest of them, as I do not want to use the others anymore. At first I thouht this might be because I was around 300 lb and maybe the others were flexing. I have given a unicycle to my kids to practice on, they and their friends are definitly beginners, and whenever we practice together they always want to use that KH. They think it is noticeably better for whatever reason.

The other ones I had did not have isis cranks, so that might be a reason why. Some day I will have to try out some other higher quality unicycles to see if they also seem to be as good.

Not feeling to enthused about disk brakes at the moment as per my other thread, so I think I will postpone this purchase until I get better informed.