Commuter unis and transit?

Do large wheel commuter unis such as Cokers, 29ers, etc. manage to fit onto bike racks on buses? If not, does anyone have any trouble getting them onto buses, trams, etc?

I’d have thought a 29er would fit into lots of bike racks made for conventional sized bikes. Fitting the 36er might be a little more challenging.

In the UK, I’ve managed to take my unicycle on mass transit in the past either by asking nicely, or by just looking like I’m meant to be there - after all, it’s not a bike!

typical bus racks

Here are the bus racks that are used in this area (Raleigh, NC), and probably many other places (in the US, at least…sorry, it’s a PDF) :

Any experience with these? I have a 24 Torker LX, whose wheel will fit, though the adjustable support arm may accomodate the larger wheel of a commuter uni.

My thought is that you put the uni wheel in the side of the rack closest to the support arm, swing the seat down to touch the rack, and deploy the support arm. To keep it from rolling in the rack, be sure the arm pulls the tire toward the front of the rack.

Here is their FAQ.:

In the answer to “Can anything else be carried by this rack?”, unicycles are specifically mentioned.


another rack model

Here is a newer model of rack from the same company. The spec sheet indicates that 16 - 29 inch wheels are accomodated…also tires up to 3 inches wide :

I have contacted the company about using their racks for unicycles. I’ll post back any responses I get.


Sweet those are the same ones that we have here. I have always wondered whether or not my coker would fit in one of those if I were to just keep on going till I got too tired to ride then bus home.

I’ve given a lot of thought to this idea but so far unnecessary (they let me take my 24" on, I don’t think they would let me take on anything larger than a 26" though).

My local buses have similar racks to the first ones you showed. It was difficult to fit my tires through the appropriate slot with 2.4" tires so I’d be weary of attempting mounting unis on the racks w/ tires any wider.

Since the arm that swings up to go over the wheel can’t rest in between the crevice between the fork and the peak of the tire, I would raise the arm a little higher than 45 degrees and secure the arm around the tire and rim with a universal bike Velcro strap.

Let us know what works.

unis in bus bike racks

I asked the bus driver about bringing my uni on yesterday, and she seemed OK with it.

If I needed to use the rack, I would put the wheel in the front wheel well and let the front seat bumper rest on the rack, then raise the arm to be about straight up and down. The velcro strap would be a good precaution.

Or you could bungee the seatpost to the arm that holds the wheel.


Re: Commuter unis and transit?

“JusticeZero” wrote in message …
> Do large wheel commuter unis such as Cokers, 29ers, etc. manage to fit
> onto bike racks on buses? If not, does anyone have any trouble getting
> them onto buses, trams, etc?

I can’t answer for Cokers yet, but my 29er has always been fine on
busses, the London Underground, coaches and trains.

I’ve only ever had one bus driver ask me if they are allowed on. Do you
think I answered a) “probably not, but I’m not sure of your rules”, or
b) “Yeah, sure. I’ve taken it on loads of busses and it’s never a

However, I’m using public transport less and less these days as I’m
finding a unicycle a much better substitute for it the more I ride.


(btw those of you that answered B win!)

day 3 of uni commute

I am on day 3 of bringing my 24 on the regional transit bus. So far I have not had to put it in the rack on the front of the bus. It easily fits under the seats that are folded up when wheelchair riders get on. A 26 should also fit, but probably not much bigger.

I have been told that the uni needs to be “secured”. A foot on the tire seems adequate for that.


Yeah, the 24’s I wouldn’t expect a problem with… but a 36? That’s really mostly what i’d be worried about, especially if I want to ride somewhere which is located further than I would want to ride -to-.