Commuter backpack

I plan to unicycle to school this coming year and I’m searching for a good backpack for unicycling. the things i’m looking for are:

sleeve for laptop
water bottle and phone pockets
somewhere to put my helmet

Any recommendations?

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Can you provide the link to that bottle cage? I’ve been needing one that can fit one of my unicycles for ages.

@Oridemic, I’ve been playing around with bottle mounts. The biggest issue is that UPD’s put so much more strain on bottle cage mounts.

Here are three I tried.

  • single bolt metal adapter (or similar) The current one I use. Sturdy as long as you put some locktite on the single bolt connecting the two parts.
  • Topeak plastic mount Cannot recommend. If you slightly overtighten one of the mounting bolt (& you won’t know), the metal nut will dig into the plastic. Because of its weird internal criss-cross design, you won’t be able to remove the thing if that happens. I had to dremel and drill mine to remove it.
  • Zefal zip tie adapter Works marginally better than zip ties alone. The adapters are a bit slippery. Needs adjustment each UPD.

I recommend the Patagonia blackhole backpack

The daisy chain works well for helmets using a plastic niteize S-Biner or hook and loop strap

The Patagonia Blackhole looks like a quality pack. And, it looks like it might be water proof or water resistant.

If you would like one a little smaller, and one that is the best fitting pack I have ever worn, then check out the Topo Designs Klettersack. When you wear it, it doesn’t shift and it doesn’t move.

You will have to strap/hook a helmet to the outside, though.

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