Commonwealth Games

It is good to see that Australia has won so many gold medals in Unicycling at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. So far we have beaten South Africa, Canada, Uk and New Zealand. The medal count can only continue to grow.

This makes up for the dissapointing performance of our cricket team lately!

(I am waiting for it)


So far they have had the Uninastics, 1Km time trial, 500 m time trial, biggest drops and the 4x100 uni relay.

Haha sounds great, can’t wait for the UniRugby Sevens:D

or the unicycle shooting

Yeah! I just caught the triathlon today…Man! Where can I buy one of those KH Underwater unis…cool lead frames

Unihockey starts today

the unicycle pole volt and javerlin is on to moro

there’s unicycling in the C Games!!! cant find annything on their website…or r ye just messin around :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :slight_smile:

man i think there messin

that would be amasing though :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

man those marathon unis are hot

awwww are you really serious

i have a feeling they are being fools, but i dont know!! :thinking: i havent seen nething in the tv guide that mentions uni-ing!!

yes a tough one
not as tough as those unicycle weightlifters


What about the guys running the Marathon. They have to hold Cokers above their head for 42 Ks

it would be great if uning became an olimpci sport thogh

I agree.

Latest news. Unicyclist arrested on suspected performance enhancing drug charges! The unicyclist contestant was smiling and looked like he was actually enjoying himself during an event.

This was considered enough evidence, as no competitors in any other sporting events have ever been observed or filmed smiling or enjoying themselves in a competitive event.:slight_smile:

i well i reckon we will have to go find that guy who runs the olympiks and kick the shit outta him until he agrees with us or should we make it comm games so we have more of a chance of winning