Common insults acquired while unicycling

Add ur top insults, or retarded things u have , while riding ever heard here:
mine are as follows:
(i don’t understand some either)
1# What! it has three-pieced cranks? Who would have three-pieced cranks on that thing
2#(My favourite, this kid cut me off while i was riding up a ramp, and he taunted):Ha, u can’t even ride up this on ur “bike”, (i wandered over to him, loomed over him, and said: thats cos u cut me off, (and he dropped his bike and ran away, to teach him a lesson, i placed his bike on the other side of this barrier, which took him ten mins to get back
3#(by some greasy emo): What, u paid five hundred bucks for a wheel, … and a thing?(keep in mind these are aussie dollars)

I am currently learning some tricks, but nonetheless:
4# U can’t do a backflip?, to his mates, hahaha, tell him to do a bar spin

also another personal favourite, some loser tried to ride me down, (and this is one reason i love uni’s: i reached over and twisted his handlebars, which just about threw him off, amidst loads of swearing.

One of the new kids at work commented when I rode by:
“Look at me! Look what I can do!” while flapping his arms and rolling his head.
It turns out that 32 is old enough to reply, “damn kids!”, and get a round of guffaws from the old timers out for a smoke. One of whom was his dad!

i get " why would u spend $700 (australian) on one wheel ?? " comment all the time, and it frustrates me so much, coz wen ppl ask me wat i do, and i tell them that i uni, i always get a laugh of ignorance or the comment " you clown"! Or ppl accept it and think its cool or they just think its stupid and ridiculous.

Many ppl who think unicycling is ridiculous is because they r afraid of things they dont understand so instead of learning about them, they just insult the sport!!

But no matter how harsh a comment i get, it NEVER changes my opinion of the sport i love, unicycling :smiley:

a lady asked me how much i paid for my uni today, but she was nice about it. i never tell ppl actual amounts, especially in my own neighborhood. i usually say something around 25-50% lower than what it actually cost. there’s no point in letting anyone know you have something valuable because they’ll just either want to take it from you or think it’s a stupid waste of money. let them think your $1000 unicycle cost $100, you’re just making conversation anyway.

of course not. i appreciate the insults just for the wit or lack there of.


Duck’s back.


when i got my nimbus my mate says “you paid $250 for half a bike? YOU RETARD” and now he calls me “carnie”


Never ceases to amaze me how people think 300 euro’s is much for ‘half a bike’. If I got a trialbike of the same quality for 600 euro’s, I’d be more then happy. Think closer to 1000 for a low-range trialbike.

I guess they want to know the price of everything yet recognise the value of nothing. (To slightly re-phrase the old saying)


i have yet to actually get my unicycle, but whenever i tell any of my friends that I am getting one, they think it is the coolest thing ever.

also, hooray for my first post!

about 3 out of 4 kids who learn i ride a uni say im gay or a retard or something along those lines, the others dont think much of it. but its those bad comments that actually make me want to ride more fro some reason.

So true. It’s riding against bigotry. Riding against this “If you aren’t like me go hang from a tree” attitude. The only reason people don’t like unicyclists is because it’s different from what they are used to.

word :sunglasses:

The only insult I’ve had is “get a life” from some idiot heading for the pub.


when i told my auto teacher that i was spending $350 on a uni he said, and i quote " what you can afford a $400 wheel but you cant afford a $10 set of cover alls?" and my reply was simple i said “yes i can!”

Not strictly so, I see many things I’m not used to (Base jumping, parasending, freediving) that I think are really cool. Its cos of unicyclings unavoidable circus connection that people think you’re a loser for riding one. “Thats what clowns ride, he must be a freak…” Usually they smirk at me, till I do something AMAZING like hop up a kerb or don’t fall off within 10 metres. If you show people its not all clowning and pratfalls they tend to get quite responsive about it, and a lot of people I’ve met really show a genuine interest, even the people you’d believe to be most cynical (20 year old image concious ‘cool’ crowd students, for one)


I had “Take a look at that retard!” this night, riding home from a indoor practice… such a hard time, when i’m inside practising it’s all fun and everyone is happy and friendly…

I got hurt, not a very nice thing to hear.

“You’re gay.”

i am positive that there is one practicing unicyclist in my city but other than that i am the lone rider and @ first all my friends were all “thats the gayest thing ever…the only thing gayer is 2 men having sex” but when i took it and rode it around and they saw me ride it most of them were all…“I want one”…but this one guy still thinks its gay and stupid and that its not a sport…but it dousnt bother me much i just keep on riding then but i do turn around and kick im while im riding every so often…its pretty halarious when hes scared 2 hit me back be couse im on the unicycle…

I do the same things, but everyone still expects more. I ride pretty much everywhere one footed (It’s faster), and people still don’t respond positively. Also I live at a college, with the 20 some image conscious students, and they don’t respond well. Mostly it’s because in high school they were popular, but now that they are in college everyone talks about me. I think they feel threatened.

im sure there is no link between unicyling and homosexuality but yet i get this insult all the time