Coming back at it after years, from Spain!

Hi, my name is Misha and I live in Spain.

I’ve been unicycling for a while now, since I was around 8 years old, but I didn’t ride for a while and now I’m 26.

I started with a Monty trial 20", moved from there to a 24" qu-ax muni that I still own along with a different from the current 36" from Qu-ax too.

Hope to meet new people in Spain but I don’t think there are many here.


cannibalized saddle and pedals from the 24" into the 36, replacements hopefully soon :grin:


Hello Misha, where do you live?, I’m now in Madrid, but I’m from Galicia. In Navarra there is a gorup of unicyclist called North Muni Riders which will host a muni competition from the 14-16 of June, Adrian Unicycle ( have some videos from past events. We have a discrod server which is now inactive. There are also some pros at flatland and trial like Aleix Lidon (, Arnau Pardo (Pardo🎪 on Instagram), Alberto García (Alberto García Sola on Instagram: "⚖️ Balance #unicycle #monociclo #monocycle #unicycleflatland #unicyclelife #flat #flatland #balance #equilibrio") and Pablo Code(Pablo Codes on Instagram). There is a unicycle and juggling shop in Madrid, you can buy physically or online (Monociclos ▷ Comprar en Malabares 441).
I have also a muni video I recorded some months ago btw ( I hope this gives you a decent idea of the unicycling scene in Spain, hope we can meet this 2024.

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nicee, gracias!! I’ll check everything out.

I live in Madrid too, and yeah It does give me an idea, happy to hear there’s people riding.

Do you know what happened with the EMM event that was done anually years ago?

I think it was organised by the owner of the unicycle shop and I know some people who attended the event. I imagine that it simply disapeared when the community diminished, but even though I started riding around 2015-16, I didn’t know there was a unicyclist community until 2022, so I might not be very helpfull .

From the 20 of January to the 28 I’m fully free, so if you’re available one of those days we can schedule a meeting. I live in Móstoles, but with the public transport card I can go wherever you want.

Monociclos This is the link to the discord server, we can talk there in a specific chanel called Reuniones Madrid

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