Comfortable hopping

I know how to hop and what not, but when ever I grab my seat to do it- it starts hurting my fingers like alot. I dont know its beacause im not relaxed or what. I can hop up curbs but alot of times im not comfortable hopping up it beacause its hurts alot. Any suggestions? I have a 24" torker lx

also I need some suggestions on hopping up stairs- how to keep balance.


Watch this demonstration by Kris Holm:

I have just begun hopping seat out and I too am getting severe pain, but only on my ring finger. I must be applying too much pressure to the seat, or maybe I am holding the seat wrong when doing large drops. I do not really experience the pain when I hold the handle of the seat, just the side. My advice to you would be to not jump a lot inbetween stairs, but rather hop from the first step to the second step…still stand for a moment, and then make a controlled hop to the next step.

Hey dude. I can empathize.

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When you hop, don’t do the pogo stick. Hop to correct your balance. It’s easier on your legs too. Plus, stillstands are impressive to those watching. :slight_smile:

This may be obvious, but you should use the handle to pull your unicycle up as your feet and body are already in an upward motion. IOW, don’t try to pull your uni and lower half of your body up with the handle - a lot of weight. Jump, and then pull the unicycle up to follow your body.

With stairs, hop without your unicycle sideways up the stairs. Then balance on your unicycle and do the same thing. :wink:

I’m not sure, but I think the Torker lx is the one with a small handle. try not putting all your fingers in there, just hold it with three fingers or so, at least while learning. That should make it not hurt as much, methinks.

The Torker LX comes with the Miyata style saddle. The Miyata handle is a bit cramped. Depending on the size of your fingers and your preference for how you hold the handle, the Miyata handle can really cramp your fingers.

There are two solutions.

Learn to grab the handle more lightly and don’t cram your fingers in to the handle. If you have fat fingers there is not much that you can do.

The other solution is to get a different handle. and Bedford sell the Kinport handle. It will bolt right on to the Miyata style saddle. The picture at shows the first generation of the Kinport handle. The new generation has an open top so your fingers don’t get jammed in. and Bedford may have both styles in stock so if you have a preference for one over the other you can give them a call to specify which flavor you want.

I used to use the Miyata handle on my muni and trials unicycle before the Kinport handle was available. You learn to adapt to the cramped Miyata handle. I now use the Kinport handle because the Kinport has more finger room.

I have a Torker LX and the handle broke off and i cant do any more jumps without pain. My first cheap-o savage had no handle when i bought it

get a reeder handle. really strong and i think its a better hand position to jump with.

For seat out in front hopping, I usually put some toilet paper or tissues and duct tape it up where I hold the seat at for seat out hopping. It helps alot for comfort. I’ve never really had any problems seat in hopping though.

When I was learning I hurt when hopping, got blisters, etc. However, it went away after a while. If you’re looking for a good seat/ handle, you cold get a Kris Holm Fusion saddle or handle, the handles on those are great.