Columbia 20" (antique, 60's?)

So I have an old Columbia unicycle 20" blue frame, red and white seat.

I am pretty sure that the wheelset is not original. I started polishing it up and uncovered JAPAN in a few places.

The sticker on the frame is in pretty rough shape and has flaked off a bit.

The unicycle rides well and the frame and seat are certainly a piece of history. I am not sure this is something I can keep around and travel with/ or always find storage for.

I would rather this go to someone who is interested in getting old unicycle(at least the frame and seat)from the 60s or late 50s.

I can try to get pictures up, but no promises, I have quite a bit to do before moving.

Make an offer if you are interested. Might not hurt to send an email to sam(at)uneedfilms(dot)com

i know Darren Bedford is working on collecting unicycles to attempt to make a unicycling museum, if you email him ( info for contact info) im sure he might go for it

just outta curiousity got any pics of it?