Colored Spokes


I’m assuming there’s some style-concious muni builders out there.
I’m trying to build a wheel with an Alex DX32 rim and Suzue hub.
Anyone know where to find colored spokes for it?
I was hoping for titanium colored or anodized red or blue or something.
I’ve asked the local bike shops and searched the internet for an hour and found only black and stainless steel. :frowning:

Anybody have any info?

Art Calef

By the way, I need 234mm long, if that makes any difference.

The source has Titanium coloured spokes and nipples (aluminium) ; however, the aluminium nipples are not as strong. Some colours may not be readly available- I just ordered my wheel a couple days ago, and didn’t wana wait for the custom colour. Check out the rainbow coloured titanium wheel set, here:

Send us a pic when you get the wheel!