Colorado Muni pics

I just returned home from a great week in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Pictures from muni/trials rides as well as non-uni hikes can be found on my website:

If you’d like a higher resolution version of a photo, drop me an email.

Looks like fun! I wish I could have gone… Last weekend I went up near Vail with my family for some mountain bike and muni action. It was great! And to think you were just minutes away… Oh well. Maybe some other time someone drops by Colorado.

Hey George, i’m checking out the pics right now. I love the trials ones in breckenridge, with Arron and the sign that says “No bicycles, skateboards, rollerbaldes, allowed”.
cheers, Joe “who can now pedal grab” in Iowa

George, I finished looking at all the Colorado pics. Looks like they got some nice trails out there. I muni’d at the SugarBottom trails by North Liberty a week ago. These are the best trails I’ve ridden. It took me three hours to ride/walk the ten miles of trails. I pretty much walked all of the steep uphills and walked three or four of the really steep downhills. I had to run out a bunch of UPD’s, but I never actually fell down. On the difficult loops, the trail gets so narrow, you can barely get through with a bike. My Bro was on his mountain bike, so I would holler back when I got to any really narrow stuff. There is a lot of small to medium drops off of roots and rocks to keep you busy. Plus, lots of blackberry thorns to catch your arms on. The last mile, I was so spent that I could hardly concentrate enough to ride. I rode out of the trail, across the parking lot, and down fifty yards of beach, so I could take off my Roach armor and jump in the lake there. Talking to the locals, They say I’m the first muni they’ve seen there. cheers…Joe in Iowa