color strength on Velo seats?

How strong are the colors of red, blue, and yellow on the Velo seats? Or
are the colors pastel? Yuck! (no offense to females) And why the heck isn’t
there any green colors at! I wanted green seats, too. (no
offense green-haters) (hahaha)

My yellow one’s been holding up great, after a few months the bumpers are barely noticable as scrapped.

I remember somebody (Maybe Mikefule?) had one of the prototypes without the handle, and it was yellow. It looked quite bright, but they could have changed the colors since then.


Re: color strength on Velo seats?

By the way… I, too, much prefer bright colors to pastels. I think pastels are ugly. (at least when it comes to unicycle seats) :slight_smile:


mine is black/grey.