Collaboration Videos Request

I am currently enrolled in a Mass Media class. One of the ongoing projects for the whole semester is to produce an 8-15 minute video which will be graded and then presented in a film festival at the end of the year. I would like to make a video highlighting the different styles of unicycling so that it will be entertaining and informative to non-unicyclists.

What I need from the unicyling community is video footage. Preferably original files, not in finished video. Sound would be nice, but is not a requirement. Don’t put music with your clips, because I will probably mix and match and sort according to style and flow of onscreen video.

If you still would like to contribute (please do) but only have footage in a finished video, I can still use it, I just need your permission to use the video and show it in a mass screening.

Styles I will need:
Street-Big Street would be more non-unicyclist friendly, but New Street is also welcome.
BC wheel and Ultimate Wheel

Thanks for your time.


So… how much footage do you need and how soon do you need it?

I’d contribute some of my better clips.

Do you only want like “Amazing” footage? Cuz im not very good :frowning:

Ya how good do you have to be?

This video’s main audience will be non-unicyclists. Submit any footage you have, and I’ll see what I can use. Semester ends in January, so I’ll need footage by December.

Ok i might me able to film a little bit possibly…

i can provide you flatland footage :slight_smile: :wink:

– bobousse

Natural and urban trials from me. (I’m sooo pumped cause I just found 2 SICK natty trials spots about 20 minutes from my house!)

Ill get some footage of street/trials :smiley:
I cant do too many tricks, but Ill find some awesome lines

hmm… im not that great, but i can capture some clips of me doing some legwraps, and unispins possibly… are we going to be in the credits?

also, once the vid is compiled, post it on here would ya?

that would be pretty sweet…

I will make up a clip of some street and send you it. (jumping an 8 set and two 6 sets)

I could send you some its just im doing a Collaboration vid with some others…Sooo i dont know I could send you some maybe…

I can prolly send some of my older muni video…

Forgot to put my email, it’s zfreak220 (att) Gmail [dot] com

At isaac, this video won’t come out till January, so if your collaboration video comes out before then, it should be okay. Even if it comes out later, I could postpone posting the video on the web, I’d really only have to show my Mass Media class.

I could supply some Uni Geezer stuff…just to show the non-uni viewers that it’s not just for the youngins! :sunglasses:

That would be great Terry, I was wondering how long it would be till you chimed in :wink:

Hmmm… I’ll try to send some stuff along. I can send you anything you want from these vids.

3 <-- I’ll have to ask Jer if it’s okay to send you clips of him from this one.

I’d go out and take some special footage but I’m gonna be off the unis for a few months.

If you want any of them, just PM me!

you can have anything i have already posted on youtube… i’ll post the original WMV file on a different site if you want it that way. I actually have some stuff I havn’t used yet if you want it. its all gaps though(i think). I wouldn’t mind if you used them as is even. basically you can do whatever, but i don’t have many of the original files as I delete them when i make an edited video (i try to keep the best few clips, but no guarantees there)

original wmv for “Boing!” would be nice, IMO it’s the best video of yours.