Colin Old and Cranky

It’s been a while since I posted on so I will re-introduce myself

My name? Colin aka ColinOldAndCranky

Where do I come from? Perth, West Oz

What is my experience of unicycling? I ride a lot for practical commuting and for recreation.

Due to my pre-retirement daily commute I am well recognised in Perth but consider myself to be a variant of a bicyclist as much as a unicyclist. Over many years I have encouraged and instructed anyone who asks. Too often I am disappointed that few persist.


Seems there are a lot of unicyclists in NZ, especially when compared to the actual population!

Welcome Colin!

Do you mean OZ or NZ? Or both?
Anyway, I’m an Aussie, in Sydney NSW.
Maybe we just like to post on forums in English, which is why you notice us :slight_smile:

Anyway, thumbs up Colin for your intro… maybe some day I’ll go to WA… will be in SA mid next month though and would like to meet up with riders there.

That’s how I feel (or maybe a variant of a mountain biker). That’s why I always get annoyed if someone mentions circuses or acrobats when seeing me. I mean nobody ever mentions artistic cycling when seeing me on my mountain or road bike…

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