Cold Tires...

Alright, so I’ve got a problem… winter is coming fast, and as the temperatures drop, so does my tire pressure. I was told filling the tire with nitrogen rather than air would help, does anyone have any input in the subject?

You might read this:

Thank you for that…something I have suspected, but did not know…and I never buy the add-ons, either.

Rather than give you a link without any explanation as to why I’m giving you the link or any hint as to what it contains (which I see more and more of in this forum) I will simply tell you that, no, it won’t help.

pv = nrt

but its not an ideal gas :stuck_out_tongue:

umm, just pump it up more for the winter, let it down in the summer?

Air is 79% Nitrogen.

100% Nitrogen will escape from your tyre slightly more slowly than air - but you will not notice the difference over a period of a couple of weeks.

The pressure in your tyre will change even during a ride. Riding warms up the air in the tyre and increases the pressure slightly.

Check your tyre pressure with a biodigital gauge before each ride. (That means pinch it between your fingers.)

If the pressure appears a little low, this can easily be rectified using a pump. Make sure you use a bicycle pump, not a water pump, heat pump or a pair of pumps.

If the tyre goes down with air, you can pump it up. If it goes down with nitrogen you have pay to top it up. Pumping up the tyre every now and again makes no harm really.

i dont know why you’d put nitrogen in your uni tire, since you’d just get a snake bite pop anyway, and it’d leak :stuck_out_tongue:

i have no real comment in this thread, just that i hate trials in winter, since your tire pigs, and its hard to bounce.

I thought this thread would be about the performances of different tires in cold weather. :roll_eyes:
Could someone compare?

For Trials I have tried CC and Luna in cold weather (down to -40) and found that the CC felt like a brick and the Luna did not change much when cold

For Muni I have used Gazz, Duro and Intense tires. The Gazz stays nice and soft but the Duro and Intense both get much less grip as the rubber freezes.

The Gazz was originally designed as a winter racing tire so it makes sense that it would be good in cold.

on a 36 I have only used the TA tire. It doesn’t seem to be affected much by temperature but packs with snow easily and has very little traction on snow and ice. Cutting a pattern into it really helps with that.

This is the perfect test temperature because it is unambiguous. Excellent choice.

I donno, but is it really that big a deal if the tire loses a little pressure because the air in it is colder? A few pumps would do the trick… personally, my Coker tire slowly leaks over a few weeks or a month from 60 psi to 40 psi before I fill it up again… I’d never even begin to notice a softer ride due to colder air. For me, if it’s within 20 or 30 percent of where I feel like I want it, it’s plenty close enough… :roll_eyes:

On a coker it doesnt bother me ever, but on my trials it kinda does.

Gotta be another enginner. I bet that was a woosh to many. :slight_smile:


i belive he’s a physicist actually. Shame I don’t have a selection of tyres as the atmosphere chamber at work goes down to -50°C, could do some objective testing.

We barely have our first snow of the year on the ground and my CC is already handling poorly.

The gazz feels just the same as it did a month ago(now that I have shims holding my frame straight again) and my freestyle tires (kenda kikzumbut and primo the wall) both seem to handle the same except on smooth surfaces, where they have a little less grip.