Cold days

this is my new movie:

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nice vid!
where are your 70 cm side hop?


i liked the video, you should put the band name and information at the end, also get closer, it seems like your a million mile away from the camera:D

did u have a 540unispin in there, (that why i wanted you to get closer caus i couldent tell):smiley:

yeah… I forgot the band names. And there wasn’t a 540 unispin

Nice vid! :smiley:

Really good video. Was that crankflip down a 3 or 4? either way it was sweet

that was awesome! i loved the crankflip over 3 steps you should try the 540 unispin !

It is a 3 set

I tried it every training but i didn’t land it.

Nice video!

I liked the non riding up/down the stairs xD

i think you never land it haha;)

Loic! Your 14?!?!? Are you kidding me?!

yes it was a joke! try the 540 unispin a few days than you will land it! i’m sure!

-Loic Baud