Colby Thomas - Unused Clips

Some unused clips from the past month. Uploading problems made uploading to UTV hard. So I’ll try and figure that out soon.

Some of it is filmed with my new HD camera, but because of the SD quality in there too, I couldn’t export it the way I wanted. But whatever.

Enjoy nonetheless.

Guest Rider: Matthew Pederson

Thanks to UTV for the sponsorship :slight_smile:

your style is wild :wink:

lovelovelove it colby! :slight_smile:

:50. ouch. you break the stair? That reminds me when my brother broke a rail in front of like this religious church place or something haha

dude this is ur favourite video of mine, however please use some good music for once. cool fox at the start, reminds me of the one i ran over with my car just last week. twas funny. the dancing kid was weird haha.

ok down to business. ur handrails r getting really smooth n clean man! well done on such an improvement! double rail was nice too. quick tip which u probly know by now: clean away leaves at the bottom of stair sets. they r slippery killers under ur tyre. anyway good video man, ur starting to get a bit of style about u :wink:

Literally my EXACT thoughts. Like I was going to write a comment that had all of that in it, but you already said it. So I guess now I just…


Was that a switch blind 540 unispin at 2:47?

It was his friend Matthew Pederson. Same with the flip off the ledge.

I already told you, but crazy improvement on rails and some hardcore bails.

lmao for a second there i thought that was you that did the single flip off the ledge and i was like OMG HE DID A SINGLE FLIP!?

haha then i seen it was mathew, it was pretty clean to! caught it early and didnt hop out of it :smiley:

Dood your grinds are epic, please keep them! haha and i see you have met the bad side of grinding as well :p. some pretty gnarly bails there!

Keep up the good work brotha!

need i say that great minds think alike

Hard tricks and hard crashes!Nice man!

Eli cut out your first sentence though. Means Eli liked the music ;o

:confused: mmm. also means he didnt run over a fox with his car. shame :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it means I don’t think Colby has always picked bad music :stuck_out_tongue:

damn that wuz awesome. i rarely care for street videos, but i loved this one. i liked the music :p. loved the fails too. i lol’d at 3:40

I like the music to =D
awesome rails ^^ (not clean, but big :slight_smile: ) and nice tricks… and almost quad treyflip :smiley:

I want more vids of you :roll_eyes: