Colby ~ street/flat

Hey everyone,

The reason I haven’t posted a video in a month or two is because I have 10+ minutes of video. So I decided to post my street flat now, and my pure trials later today.

Enjoy. Criticism welcome. Please rate and comment.

youtube blocked the music. I guess I’ll just listen to it in Itunes while I watch the vid.

Edit: Pretty good. It kinda got repetitive because you did so many tricks repeatedly, and mostly on flat or of a small drop.

You’ve got lots of skill man, a lot more than me but like surfer1024 said you could of make the vid more interesting and added a bit more variation. I didn’t like how you listed some of the tricks and also repeated many of them.

Yeah. I hate how I edit. I suck:p I’m trying though. I just wanted to show my treyflips and 540’s, to give viewers the idea that I’m consistant.

I’m exited to see your pure trials vid. I just find trials more enjoyable overall.

The same tricks over and over again didn’t bother me (also if there is even less variation because to me - as a muni rider - everything looks like a simple unispin or a crankflip :smiley: ). I liked the vid with all the different angles and places. Also the music matched well. Well done.

twas good! but it was a little boring…try doing more lines with lots of tricks, instead of loads of short clips of you doing one trick.