Colby ~ Pure Trials

Here you are!

I liked this video better than the other one. Your trials is getting pretty good.

Great video! You are so good at trials…

At 1:00 the background looked really unrealistic. Is this an effect or are you living in another world? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s real. haha.

Thanks for the comments.

wow man awesome vid.

Very nice youre improving so fast.When you rode that white rail the video was too bright.You going to naucc ? you better be


I’m going to be in Utah that week.

Can you guys help me out. I like trials, and I’m not to bad at it. However, I’m starting to like street a lot. I haven’t ridden trials in a while.

How can we help you out lol


Nah. I enjoy trials, and when I’m not at my house, I’ll do trials lines. I just am starting to like street more than I used to. Partially because I just improved in street.

DO TRIALS lol.Or do more trials than you do street because it looks like you enjoy trials more when youre doing you wont get seats in the face :stuck_out_tongue:

just do what you enjoy most man…if you enjoy both then do both :slight_smile:

Hey! :angry:



agreed, just wear a helmet. I have never hit my head on anything ever(well, badly) including uni. but I started wearing one and now it’s just habit…you never know what could happen. there could be a .0001 chance of bashing your head in…but theres thousands of unicyclists…so its bound to happen…and you wanna have a helmet on when it does

Im guessing you havent seen him hit his head before


Hey! :angry:


I really like this vid. Stick to trials! To many people are just doing street nowadays.

Trials is where its at. If you want to know what to do:
Pedalgrab to rail
Pedalgrab to post
100cm hop
100cm over bar (much harder than it sounds)
drop to rail (would be really impressive!)
ride slanted rails
200cm gap (static)
learn really short prehops (harder than it sounds, Ryan Atkins was good at them)

Great riding, excellent song choice:D

I didn’t even think of the song.

I used eenie meenie minie moe:p

It fit well.:slight_smile:

In my opinion you should ride trials more because you are already really really good. On the other hand do what you want and if street means more fun to you than stick with that.